A message from Groveport Mayor Lance Westcamp


To the Groveport Community:


As the mayor of Groveport and a proud Cruiser alum, I want to address the shooting incident that occurred at last Friday’s (Aug. 19) Cruiser football game. First, I appreciate the professionalism and skilled manner in dealing with a critical incident that was exemplified by the Groveport Police Department and the law enforcement and fire departments that assisted during the event. I couldn’t be prouder of the response and how quickly an apprehension was made. Thank you to all involved with keeping spectators, players and all others at the game safe.

Please know that the city of Groveport, the Groveport Madison School District, Madison Township administrators, and first responders have been in discussions since Friday about actions that can be taken to minimize the potential of similar events occurring. I appreciate the relationships that all of the stated agencies have with each other and, more importantly, how all understand that our job is to provide a safe and enjoyable community to the greater Groveport area.

Discussions will continue, including at the Aug. 24 Groveport Madison School Board meeting, about safety measures that can be implemented for not only football games, but all community events that take place in Groveport.

We should all be proud of the efforts of our local law enforcement agencies and fire department for their continual commitment to the community.

As all of our organizations work together to address the safety and well-being of our residents, students and visitors to Groveport, we will continue to strive to provide a professional level of public service. All of our organizations will continue to work together toward continuing that goal.

We are one community and we will continue to operate in that manner.

Groveport Proud.

Lance Westcamp, mayor
City of Groveport


  1. So, just where did thes 2 individuals come from? We as citizens have not been told. And the shooter IS NOW OUT ON BAIL?????????


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