A message about the Westgate Home and Garden Tour

By Michael Blake
President, Westgate Neighbors Association

Photo courtesy of Alan Jazak
This is one of the gardens that had been featured in the Westgate Home and Garden Tour. This year’s tour has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On behalf of the entire Westgate Neighbors Association (WNA) board, thank you for nine years of support of the Westgate Home and Garden Tour. Without you, this tour would not be possible, and your loyal support allows us to continue showcasing our “Unexpected” neighborhood to all of central Ohio.

The ongoing COVID-19 health crisis is leaving many of us with an uncertainty of when we will once again be back to our normal routines. Due to current restrictions of group gatherings and social distancing, the WNA must take responsibility to keep our homeowners, volunteers and guests healthy. We have made the difficult decision to cancel our 10th annual Home and Garden Tour that was scheduled for June 13, 2020. While this is painful to announce, I know we made the right decision.

The Westgate Home and Garden Tour is more than just an event. While we are proud to showcase the neighborhood, it is also a moment to work together as neighbors and realize how special our community is. Community pride is strong in Westgate so it’s no surprise that on tour day, Westgate pride is abundant. The tour is responsible for several new friendships among neighbors and provides an outlet for many to give back to their neighborhood. We are so proud and honored to have such loyal guests, homeowners, volunteers and overwhelming support from the community. To all our homeowners, past and future, thank you for allowing the WNA to share in your achievement as a homeowner and the American dream.

Since the first Westgate Home and Garden Tour launched in 2011, we have showcased 83 homes and/or gardens and welcomed over 3,300 guests to the neighborhood. While we have never considered the tour a fundraiser, we have been fortunate to have had proceeds from past tours fund several different initiatives in the community. Proceeds have funded and installed several benches and trash cans in Westgate Park, and picnic tables at the West Gate Masonic Lodge for our food truck guests. Most importantly, as an extension to the WNA’s mission, we have proudly awarded five scholarships to local college students to invest in the future.

You can still show your support of the Westgate Home and Garden Tour by purchasing a virtual home and garden tour ticket at westgateneighbors.org/donate. While this ticket does not grant you access to one of our beautiful homes, your donation will allow us to continue investing back into our community.

Mark your calendars, next year’s tour is scheduled for June 12, 2021! Thank you for your continued support of the tour and the Westgate Neighbors Association.

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