A lot of buzz at Honeyfest

Messenger photos by Hannah Poling
Third generation beekeeper, Tess Conrad, looks for the queen bee, honey, and baby bees in an open hive demonstration at the 13th annual Lithopolis Honeyfest on Sept. 7. Conrad was joined by Hannah Sjostrom, the 2019 American Honey Queen, who visited the Honeyfest to kick off her National Honey Month tour. Sjostrom spoke about the importance of how honeybees affect our daily lives while Conrad opened the hive and showed the honeybees from the hive to the watching crowds.
The Terry Douglas Band played a mix of country favorites at the 13th annual Lithopolis Honeyfest on Sept. 7. The band is comprised of Terry Douglas, Billy Compton, Dave Parks, Craig Nelson, Jerry Miller, and Mike Rodgers. The head of the band, Douglas, is from Cleveland. They typically play two to three gigs a week and are currently booking a fall U.S. tour.
Pictured here are Elizabeth, Eli, and Gabriella at the 13th annual Lithopolis Honeyfest on Sept. 7 as the family tastes some Daniels Raw Honey. Daniels Raw Honey is based out of Washington Court House and run by Daniel Surina. Surina takes care of 75 hives and collects bees wax, propolis infused honey, propolis extract and bee pollen.
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