A history lesson at Old-Time Harvest Day

Messenger photos by Hannah Poling
Seasoned blacksmith Rusty Nitsch, lowers a piece of metal into the fire to forge his latest creation. Nitsch demonstrated how to make metal hooks to the crowds watching at Old-Time Harvest Day at Fryer Park on Oct. 6. In the 1850s, blacksmiths were relied on to make anything you needed out of metal from simple hooks to complex parts for a caboose.
Here, 11-year-old Chloe Butcher and 11-year-old Lucy Buschur take turns driving their pony cart around the field at the Old-Time Harvest Day at Fryer Park. Pulling the cart is 19-year-old American miniature pony, Wilson. Wilson is trained to both pull a cart and do ground work.
Southwest Franklin County Historical Society volunteer, John Maxson, instructs 10-year-old Elise Hejduk and 8-year-old Lydia Atkinson how to properly use the two man butt saw. This saw was used by two individuals to cut through wood. The participants in this activity were allowed to take the slice of wood they cut through home with them as a souvenir.
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