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Messenger photo by Heather Taylor

Franklin Township resident Juanita Kaufman was honored by township trustees Aug. 5 as they presented her with the first Juanita Kaufman Award and designated the first Tuesday each August as Juanita Kaufman Day.

Franklin Township trustees honored long-time resident Juanita Kaufman for her remarkable dedication and service to Franklin Township over the years.

As of July 24, the trustees resolved to make the first Tuesday in August known as Juanita Kaufman Day, and presented Kaufman with an award to commemorate her efforts.

Timothy Guyton, Franklin Township trustee, said this award will be given out every year at National Night Out, a celebration sponsored by the local blockwatch for the Westbrook and Eastbrook neighborhoods, an annual event designed to bring the community closer together and fight crime and drugs.

The future recipients of the Juanita Kaufman award will be Franklin Township residents who exemplify the same level of commitment and service as Kaufman, according to the new resolution.

“It’s one of those things, the people that have been around many years know Juanita. She started the neighborhood blockwatch and (the local) National Night Out, which is celebrating its eleventh year. She’s the one instrumental in keeping the blockwatch going. She raises donations, comes to most township meetings and belongs to the Southwest Area Commission,” said Don Cook, Franklin Township Trustee.

Kaufman has lived in the Franklin Township area for 52 years, has been the blockwatch president for eleven years as well as developing and distributing the Franklin Township newsletter and many other activities.

Kaufman joked that the key to a safe neighborhood is a nosy neighbor.

Kaufman was appreciative but remained modest about receiving the award.  “It’s not just me, I had a lot of help along the way,” said Kaufman. “Enjoy the weather and come back next year.”

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