A call to action to address farm animals in village

By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

Within the past five years, the village of Urbancrest council has debated and approved ordinances related to nuisance felines and canines, as well as the field dressing of deer in public spaces. Now, farm animals could be added to that list.

At the July meeting, councilwoman Deborah Larkins-Jackson questioned whether the raising of chickens, hens or roosters was permissible in the village as she heard their unmistakable call early one morning.

“Are they allowed to be here?” she asked.

The answer, said code enforcement officer Randall Bogue, was ‘possibly.’

“Since this issue has been raised, I have been going through the village code extensively and have not seen anything pertaining to farm animals being allowed or disallowed in the village.

“I’m still going through all of the code from years past where it could be found, but so far I have been unable to locate anything concrete.”

Larkins-Jackson said in addition to hearing the noise herself, she has recently been fielding complaints from residents who have reported the same thing.

She said she doesn’t necessarily mind residents raising a chicken or two in the village for their eggs – provided they are properly secured and not running throughout the village – but is wary about the raising of hens.

“If I know one thing, it’s if there are hens around there are going to be roosters,” she said.

Bogue said that in addition to researching past ordinances, he is going to consult with the leadership at Jackson Township and the city of Grove City for their input.

“If either of those entities allow (residents to raise chickens and hens), we wouldn’t have much of a case against it,” he said.

He added that if they do not, the village council will have to debate the issue if residents deem it too much of a nuisance.

In other news, the installation of the speed capturing sign was once again delayed.

According to fiscal officer Kathy Thimmes, there were several parts on back order which caused the delay. She said she expects the village to receive the speed capturing sign later this month.

Additionally, Mayor Joseph Barnes Sr.’s fifth annual ‘Your First Health is Your Wealth Day’ will be held from 8 a.m. to noon on Aug 10. The event, which is located in the parking area of the administrative building, 3492 First Ave., will feature the smoke truck from the Jackson Township Fire Department, health screenings from Kroger Pharmacy and other public health entities, safety lessons from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and a bike raffle and bike ride. Barnes said it will also feature a back-to-school backpack raffle for 12 children. Food and light refreshments will be provided.

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