83-year-old sinks hole-in-one

Messenger photo by Mike Munden

Bob Powers (left) holds the club he used to make his fourth hole-in-one at the London Country Club on May 1. Ed Valentino (right) was among Powers’ buddies who witnessed the feat. What comes around goes around; Powers has watched Valentino sink a hole-in-one, too.

For Bob Powers, seven is a lucky number.

On May 1, the 83-year-old London man sunk a hole-in-one on Hole 7 at the London Country Club. It was his fourth lifetime hole-in-one and his third on that particular hole.

“I got my first one about 25 years ago on Hole 5,” he said. “The second one was 1995 or 1996, back when I was coaching golf at the high school. It was on 7. I had a few of the kids from the team with me. I think they were more excited about it than I was.”

Nine years ago, Fred Oyer witnessed Powers’ third hole-in-one, back on Hole 7. He was there again on May 1 to see his golfing buddy repeat the feat.

“In 1999, they started giving flags to anybody who hit a hole-in-one. They have everybody who was with you sign it. So, this will be the second flag Fred has signed for me,” said Powers, who also was accompanied by Fred Feaver and Ed Valentino.

Oyer, Feaver and Valentino witnessed Powers go four over par for the first three holes, then three under for the next six, including a birdie and the 140-yard hole-in-one. Powers’ score for the nine-hole round was 37.

When asked what it takes to shoot a hole-in-one, Powers replied, “It’s strictly luck. As many holes as I’ve played, you’d think I’d have 15 or 20.”

Luck or not, Powers has racked up many respectable accomplishments on the golf course that can be attributed to his skill. Between 1950 and 1988, he won 21 club titles at London Country Club, including eight consecutive titles.

“Since I was 69, I have shot my age at least once a year. Last year, I shot an 82 or better 69 times,” said Powers, who has recorded every hole he has played since retiring from the Goodyear auto dealership in London  in 1990.

“Since Jan. 1, 1991, I have played over 65,000 holes of golf. I average 200 rounds a year,” he said.

While he doesn’t hit the ball as far as he once did, Powers can still send it straight down the middle…and, every once in awhile, straight into the hole.

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