4-Hers represent Madison County at state fair


(Posted Aug. 16, 2017)

The Madison County 4-H program was well represented at the Ohio State Fair this year. The following lists participating youths, their 4-H clubs, and the categories in which they qualified for state.

  • Lily Asendorf, Eager Achievers, Rockets Away (bottle rockets);
  • Jaiden Ballah, Fairfield Rascals, Makeover My Space (junior);
  • Freya Bryd, Helping Hands Happy Hearts, Snack Attack! (junior);
  • Kristin Burgoon, Fairfield Darts, Focus on Photography (Level 1);
  • Caitlin Cavallaro, Clover Clippers, Get Started In Art (senior);
  • Caitlin Cavallaro, Clover Clippers, Outterwear for Anywhere;
  • Victoria Cavallaro, Clover Clippers, Robotics 1: With EV3;
  • Victoria Cavallaro, Clover Clippers, Active Sportswear;
  • Audrey Compton, Mud Run Hustlers, Let’s Start Cooking (junior);
  • Erin Copeland, Double L II, Get Started In Art (junior);
  • Makayla Crispin, Krazy 4 Covers, Fun With Clothes;
  • Anna Drewes, Beginners 2 Winners, First Aid in Action (junior);
  • Brenna Duncan, County Bunch, Shooting Sports-Rifle (junior);
  • Kaleigh Duncan, Country Bunch, Sundresses and Jumpers;
  • Ben Fisher, Starlight Riders, Solid Fuel Rocketry Master;
  • Nicholas Furbee, Eager Achievers, Grow Your Own Vegetables;
  • Brooke Hermiller, Clover Clippers, Clothes for high school and college;
  • Mason Hermiller, Clover Clippers, Explore the Outdoors;
  • Mason Hermiller, Clover Clippers, From Airedales to Zebras (Vet Science 1);
  • Synde Hermiller, Clover Clippers, You’re The Athlete (junior);
  • Emma Hostetler; Everything Under the Sun, Let’s Bake Quick Breads;
  • Nathan Hout, Country Bunch, Fishing for the Beginner;
  • Sidney Howard, Fairfield Rascals, Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals;
  • Lindsay Huffer, Country Bunch, Self Determined Project (senior);
  • Alex Huggins, Beginners 2 Winners, Controlling the Image (Level 2);
  • Zoe Hutson, Town & Country Kids, Cake Decorating (intermediate, senior);
  • Callie Jenkins, Exclusively Equine, Scrapbooking (junior);
  • Chase Kelly, Mud Run Hustlers, Fishing for the Intermediate;
  • Alexander Kendall, Helping Hands Happy Hearts, Science Fun With Dairy Foods;
  • Christoper Kendall, Helping Hands Happy Hearts, Growing on My Own;
  • Kendall Kuck, Beginners 2 Winners, Beekeeping (senior);
  • Noah Kuck, Beginners 2 Winners, Shooting Sports-Archery (junior);
  • Noah Kuck, Beginners 2 Winners, Shooting Sports-Pistol (junior);
  • Mattalynn Long, Eager Achievers, The Laundry Project;
  • Janelle Marks, Mud Run Hustlers, First Aid in Action (senior);
  • John Marks, Mud Run Hustlers, Star Spangled Foods (junior);
  • Micaela McPherson, Double L II, Clothing for Your Career;
  • Micaela McPherson, Double L II, Babysitting;
  • Macy Miller, Double L II, All Systems Go! (Vet Science 2);
  • Ashley Ogg, Clover Clippers, Sew Fun (junior);
  • Marissa Osterloh, Country Bunch, Alcohol and Drug Abuse (junior);
  • Alec Paige, Double L II, Grill Master (senior);
  • Alec Paige, Double L II, Entering Electronics;
  • Luke Peart, Prairie Raiders, Beekeeping (junior);
  • Alena Peck, County Conservation Club, self determined (ages 8-18);
  • Chloe Pratt, Krazy 4 Covers, Tops for Tweens;
  • GracieMae Stingle, Krazy 4 Covers, Cake Decorating, Beginner (junior);
  • Sara Stonerock, Country Bunch, Yeast Breads on the Rise;
  • Sara Studebaker, Prairie Raiders, Sports Nutrition 1: On Your Mark! (junior);
  • Sara Studebaker, Prairie Raiders, You Can Quilt (junior);
  • Ernst Talone, Double L II, Basic Archery;
  • Cayla Thompson, Canaan Path-finders, Measuring Up (senior-Unit 1);
  • Olivia Vance, Clover Clippers, Clothing for Middle School;
  • Cashton Wheeler, Beginners 2 Winners, Self Determined Project (junior);
  • Asher Wilson, Town & Country Kids, Making the Cut (junior-Unit 2);
  • Mackenzie Wilson, Mud Slingers, One on One.

Award winners

Those winning outstanding awards at the state fair were: Luke Peart, Prairie Raiders, with his beekeeping project; Ashley Ogg, Clover Clippers, with her Sew Fun junior clothing project; and Chloe Pratt, Krazy 4 Clovers, with her Tops for Tweens clothing project.

Micaela McPherson, Double L II, won the clock trophy for her babysitting project.

Skylar Stewart, Mud Run Hustlers, place fourth with her dog poster in the senior division.

State fair horse participants included: Baylee Anderson, Darby Riders; Brooke Bates, Krazy 4 Clovers; Amanda and Grace Blust, Exclusively Equine; Hope and Joy Featherolf, Exclusively Equine; Alaina Looby, Starlight Riders; Kinsey Null, Mud Run Hustlers; and Calista Wallace, Double L II.

Congratulations also goes to Olivia Rinesmith, Fairfield Rascals, who placed first in Class 10 in the Guys & Gals Lead competition.

Other state fair winners include:

  • Trent Hart, Gung Ho North—third overall, Senior Showmanship Breeding Gilt Session One, North Ring; second place, Spot Breeding Gilt; fifth place,Berkshire Breeding Gilt (raised himself); eighth place, Landrace Breeding Gilt (raised himself); and fourth place, Landrace Boar (raised himself);
  • Jacob Petee, Green Range—first place showmanship class, and fourth overall senior showman; first place Duroc gilt and fourth overall Duroc Gilt.
  • Alyson Petee, Green Range—10th place overall intermediate showman and sixth place with her York Gilt.
  • Haylee Henry, Speedy Spurs Livestock—first place, 16-year-olds, barrow showmanship; third place, market barrow Class 280; and top 30 overall, outstanding market exhibitor.
  • Keyairra Helton, Buckeye Rangers—second place in barrow showmanship for 14-year-olds; first place in market barrow Class 260; division winner (middle weight); participated in the final drive for the grand and reserve light cross.
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