$3.7 million project to repair Bexley roads

The Bexley Service Committee unveiled a $3.7 million project to repair roads and water lines at a special meeting on Aug. 28.

The plan hinges on whether or not the city receives a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission and a zero interest loan to supplement local revenue costs.

The grant would cover $2.8 million of the total and the loan would garner $900,000.

The scope of the project focuses on two Bexley streets.

A section of Sheridan Avenue between East Livingston Avenue and East Main Street would undergo full depth reconstruction and see a waterline loop installed from College Avenue to Sheridan Avenue.

Construction on Francis Avenue, between East Livingston Avenue and Mound Street, would similarly include full depth reconstruction and the replacement of the waterline under the street.

A waterline loop also would be installed from Charles Street to Mayfield Place.

"We picked Francis (Avenue) because there are a lot of water main breaks," service director Bill Harvey said at the special meeting. "We’re going to repair water mains in that area and add water mains through Sheridan."

Sheridan Avenue did not receive funding last year when the city applied for a grant.

"We think (the application) is competitive – much better than last year’s package. Whether or not we get funding depends on others’ applications," said David Koch, senior project manager from EMH & T Inc., the consulting firm assisting Bexley in the application process.

The Ohio Public Works Commission holds a total of about $30 million in available funds to designate to public projects this year and will receive a ballparked $75 million in requests, said Benjamin Amick, public program specialist of EMH & T Inc.

If the city receives public funds, construction for the project would begin on July 1, 2009 and continue to Dec. 15, 2009.

The request to apply for public funds received unanimous approval by the city council, which met immediately after the special public service committee meeting as an emergency measure to meet the application deadline of Sept. 8.

The Bexley City Council will meet again Sept. 9 after taking a month-long recess through August.

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