Thursday, April 24th, 2014

My revelation

Today is the day I realized I’m a huge hypocrite.
My husband smokes and from day one, I’ve tried to get him to stop smoking.
It’s his vice, and though I’m sure he wants to quit, it’s difficult – which any smoker out there knows, I’m sure.
That doesn’t stop me from telling him that smoking is slowly killing him. Every puff he takes is time off his life.
And here’s where the hypocrisy comes in.
While smoking is my husband’s vice, junk food is mine. It doesn’t help that I spend several hours a day sitting on the computer at work, and several more when I come home.
I’m not overweight by any means, but I’m not healthy either. I stew in jealousy of my friends on Facebook who regularly go to the gym or jog for exercise, let alone run marathons.
To make matters worse, today was the perfect storm for junk food.
It seemed like every corner I turned there was an opportunity to eat sugar, fat or salt.
And I did.
Then I got to thinking tonight … which one will kill you faster – a poor diet or cigarettes? Is one really more evil than the other?
I rationalized that cigarettes were worse overall because in moderation, I think bad food is better than what people call “social smokers.”
But in the end, neither is a lifestyle choice to be proud of.
So how can I urge him to change his lifestyle when I have a hard time doing so myself? Unless, of course, I change mine.
Thus, my revelation.
Who would have thought smoking would send me on my path to living a more healthful life?

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