Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Meet the candidates

Pleasant Township Board of Trustees
(Vote for two)

•Ronald L. Chesshir, 6021 Grove City Road, Grove City, Ohio 43123

Occupation: Retired Columbus Police officer

Education, military, and/or political experience: Graduate of Columbus Central High School and Columbus Police Academy; Two years active duty with United States Navy and four years reserve duty with United States Naval Reserve.

Goals if elected: As a lifelong resident, police officer and youth counselor, I have experienced the best aspects of our community and its people. I have also seen and personally experienced the negative impact on our lives of a growing culture of violence, crime and a difficult economy. As a member of the board of trustees, I will use this experience to help my constituents enjoy a safe, secure, family-oriented Pleasant Township community and to help build a strong economic environment.

•Gene Dawson, 1011 High St., Harrisburg, Ohio 43126

Occupation: Owner – manager, Lee’s Carpet

Education, military, and/or political experience: Graduate Gilbert High School, Gilbert West Virginia; attended MATA College and Bliss College; U.S. Army; seven years council, four years mayor – Harrisburg.

Goals if elected: My main goals are to maintain the rural character of our township, improve safety by providing continued training for the fire department, continue the improvement of our roads and drainage system, actively pursue solutions to crime, and to operate within a fiscally sound budget with utmost integrity.

•Shane Gibson, 5654 Linn Dr., Darbydale, Ohio 43123

Occupation: Driver, rental mechanic, formerly with M&TR

Education, military, and/or political experience: Bishop Ready High School, class of 1985.

Goals if elected: Solar power L.E.D. lights on stop signs at the intersection of Lambert Road and State Route 665. Term limits for township trustees to three terms. More sheriff’s coverage for township. Clean-up abandoned and uninhabitable houses and properties.

Nancy Hunter, 8780 Alkire Road, Grove City, Ohio 43146

Occupation: 911 communications supervisor with Prairie Township Fire Department

Education, military, and/or political experience: A proud product of the South-Western City School system. Over 20 years as a communications supervisor and 911 dispatcher. Business and data processing, Paul C. Hayes Tech. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) certified, Tolles Tech. Local Government Officials Conference 2009, certified by Ohio Auditor of State. Current Pleasant Township trustee.

Goals if elected: My goals following the election will remain the same as they currently are; to be an integral part of making Pleasant Township the best place to live and work, and to raise and educate our children. Increased communications with all the residents with a focus on safety is a priority.

•Richard McKeever, 5554 Cardinal Dr., Orient, Ohio 43146

Occupation: Sales manager with Perma-Flex Mold Co., Inc.

Education, military, and/or political experience: Graduate of Grandview Heights High School. Several courses with American Institute of Banking. Two years active duty with U.S. Army, two years active reserves U.S. Army, four years civilian technician with Army National Guard. Past board member Galloway Farm HOA, past president Timberlake HOA, past president Westland High School band booster.

Goals if elected: If elected, I plan to serve as a liaison between the board and residents of Pleasant Township. My goal is to develop a stronger commercial tax base to help maintain the fire department, road maintenance and safety of our township community.

Kathy Myers, 5306 London-Groveport Road, Orient, Ohio 43146

Occupation: Web administrator for Myers Machinery Movers Inc.

Education, military, and/or political experience: B.S. in economics from Bloomsburg University, Pa.; M.S. in agriculture economics from Penn State University. My education and background have been in agriculture economics specializing in rural and urban economic development.

Goals if elected: Fiscal responsibility with taxpayer’s money is my number one priority. This township has a limited tax base and money should be spent on necessities, especially with the current economic climate. I would work on maintaining our current business, by speaking with them and addressing their needs and issues.

Dale R. Worthington, 5840 Beatty Road, Grove City, Ohio 43123

Occupation: Retired – farm

Education, military, and/or political experience: High school grad; two years at Penn State. Pleasant Township trustee for eight years.

Goals if elected: Try to get water, sewer for all residents of Pleasant Township. Get more business for tax money in the Interstate 71 and State Route 62 area south of Grove City. Keep improving our fire and emergency services. Try to get drainage problems throughout the township taken care of. Work with the sheriff’s department for better coverage due to break-ins and other crimes.

Village of Urbancrest Member of Council
(Vote for four)

•Christine Bailey, 3582 Second Ave., Urbancrest, Ohio 43123

Occupation: Tax preparer with Crest Tax Service

Education, military, and/or political experience: Clerk-treasurer for village of Urbancrest September 1999 through February 2005. Council member for village of Urbancrest 2006 – present. Attended Central State University and Franklin University – present.

Goals if elected: I want Urbancrest to continue working together to develop our industrial area, keep our residential area clean and work with developers to help with grants to build our new municipal building.

Abdi O. Issa, 2874 Olive St., Grove City, Ohio 43123
(no response)

Robert Kemper, Sr., 2615 Augustus Ct., Grove City, Ohio 43123
(no response)

•Shawn R. Moore, 3409 First Ave., Grove City, Ohio 43123
(no response)

•Veronica E. Shepherd, 2876 Vine St., Urbancrest, Ohio 43123

Occupation: Retired

Education, military, and/or political experience: Grove City High School; Columbus State Community College; The Ohio State University; associate degree in social work; former mayor village of Urbancrest; councilperson-at-large for village of Urbancrest.

Goals if elected: Strengthen the commitment to environmental issues i.e. recycling and litter control; address open space. Citizen committee to review feasibility or Urbancrest festival/historical. Be aggressive in pursuing grants/low-cost loans for public improvement. Promote broader interaction/communication with village council and community at large. Written briefings on legislation, etc.

Kenneth M. Skeaton, 3493 Second Ave., Urbancrest, Ohio 43123

Occupation: Branch manager, Franklin County Clerk of Courts

Education, military, and/or political experience: Bachelor’s degree in sociology, The Ohio State University; master’s degree in business administration, ITT Technical Institute.

Goals if elected: Develop a financial and development master plan; continue working closely with law enforcement in order to address drug trafficking and prostitution; develop senior citizen focused public service; develop drug and alcohol prevention, financial stability and foreclosure prevention, job readiness and placement programs; establish food pantry and clothing services; pursue grant funding.

•Marlin West, 3588 Lincoln Road, Grove City, Ohio 43123
(no response)

Carolyn Willis, 3491 First St., Grove City, Ohio 43123
(no response)



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