Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Little daredevil

Katie learned to climb yesterday.

She can now climb on to the top of the ottoman, couch, chair and anything else that I’d rather she not.

At first, I was excited about this new skill.

“Yay! Look at what a big girl you are!” I said.

Then I realized the reason she wants to climb up high, is to dive, face first, to the floor.


I started by scolding her. Then, when the only the only reaction I got from the scolding was a laugh and a second attempt at a nose dive into a pile of jumbo Legos, I resorted to begging.

“Katie, please, please, PLEASE don’t jump off the couch. It scares mommy.”

More laughs from Miss Katie. Apparently, there’s something about my fear that she finds hysterical.

I’m not sure of the reason behind these suicide missions, but she’s far too brave for her own good.

This new development means that I now have to put her into her playpen every single time I leave the room.

This solution, however, is only temporary. This morning I found her halfway up the side of the playpen.

She’s going to give me a heart attack.

As I think about it today, I keep getting flashbacks of me, 25 years ago. Some of my favorite activities at that time included climbing to the tops of doorways and leaping from the windows of our fairly high play house.

I guess this is what they mean about paybacks. Sorry, Mom!

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