Friday, April 25th, 2014

Groveport Madison receives state report card results

By Rick Palsgrove

Southeast Editor

Groveport Madison Schools have received the new state report card results where letter grades are awarded to districts based on their accomplishments.

“I believe the new state report card represents the story of our district’s continuous improvement efforts,” said Groveport Madison Superintendent Bruce Hoover.

Test indicators measuring proficiency in reading, math, social studies, writing and science showed Groveport Madison met 14 out a possible 24 categories earning the district a “D” under the new state system.

The district received a “C” for its performance index, which measures how many students passed the state test.

The district’s graduation rate is 82 percent for students graduated in four years and 83.6 percent for students graduated in five years. This earned the district a “D” rating as the goal is to graduate 93 percent in four years and 95 percent in five years.

An overhaul of the state’s evaluation of annual yearly progress to annual measurable objectives (AMO) of specific student subgroups, such as racial and demographic groups, found Groveport Madison earning an “F.” The AMO objectives review 10 student groups in reading, math and graduation rate and assign an overall grade.

In regards to the district’s average progress for students in math and reading in grades 4-8, Groveport Madison received an “A” overall, a “D” for gifted students, a “C” for students with disabilities, and a “B” for those in the lowest 20 percent in achievement.

An overall district grade will not be awarded until 2015.

Hoover said the report highlights the district’s concerns about students’ lack of readiness in early learning programs and college preparedness. He said the report also shows the success the district has shown in growing the achievement of its students above the state expected levels of annual growth.

“It is important to not interpret individual areas separately, but instead look at the graded areas as a composite of our district’s ability to meet the demands and diversity of our learning community,” said Hoover. “We look to improve upon each of these areas as we move forward. We will continue to commit our resources and energies to give our families the best educational opportunities that we can afford. We are dedicated to growing all of our students and making every student understand why ‘It’s great to be a Cruiser.’”


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