Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Giving new meaning to hat head

4738I ventured into a high-fashion situation on Friday and lived to tell about it.

The scene: Franklin Park Conservatory

The theme: Hat Day

The crowd: 550 women dressed to the nines to raise money for plants

Where did I fit into this picture? Well, anyone who knows me knows that my head is too big for hats and I’m lucky to dress to the fives most days, let alone the nines. I like plants. Plants are good. But I’m no green thumb.

My place at the fundraiser was as a sidekick to my mom. My parents’ photography studio does all of the imagery for the Hat Day invitations, programs and promotions. In exchange, mom snags a couple of tickets to the big event. Since she is the lone female in the company and my dad hasn’t worn a dress since his high school talent show gag, I got the extra golden ticket.

Of course, with the ticket came the obligation to put something on my head. My collection of hats is limited to a Yankees baseball cap I got on vacation a few years ago and a black stocking cap embroidered with a gas company logo (a freebie from my husband’s work).

While I’m no fashion diva, I knew neither of these would fit the bill. I also knew better than to give into rebellion and buy the trucker hat I saw at The Andersons that said “High Voltage” on the front.

Mom came to my rescue. She showed up at my house a week before Hat Day with a bag full of bling: three newsboy style hats, each bejeweled with rhinestones. I got my pick of color. The selection worked on so many levels:

• The poofy style accommodated my girthy skull.

• None of the colors matched the two dresses in my closet, which means I got to wear pants!

• When the rain clouds cleared, the rhinestones sparkled in the sun, taking attention away from the fact that I burned a perfect imprint of the iron into back right leg of my don’t-set-the-iron-on-high nylon capris pants.

• Mom’s hat matched mine in every way except color, which put us in somewhat the same company as the woman whose New York-designed canary yellow feather number matched the one her lapdog was wearing.

Who knew dressing up could be so much fun?

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