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Discipline and attendance at GM Schools getting better

By Rick Palsgrove

Southeast Editor

School officials state discipline and attendance are improving at Groveport Madison Schools.

“The climate at the high school is much better,” said Rich Playko, dean of students. “Our schools are not unsafe. We emphasize safety. I’ll match our safety procedures with any school in central Ohio.”

Additionally, Playko said students are adhering to the existing dress code.

Two years ago the Groveport Madison Board of Education considered instituting a school uniform policy for grades 6-12, but held off to give the students and administrators the opportunity to correct dress code violation problems themselves.

“Dress code violations are no longer a problem,” said Playko. “There have been very few violations. If a problem does arise, we tell the student once and it doesn’t happen again. The kids are dressing a lot nicer.”

Regarding discipline issues, Playko said first quarter comparisons for 2012-13 and the 2013-14 school years at the high school show that insubordination incidents are down from 90 to 20, fights are down from 28 to 20, and disruptions of the educational process are down from 178 to 90.

At the three middle schools fights are down from 25 to 20, and disruptions of the educational process are down from 75 to 10. He said insubordination incidents are up at the middle schools from 160 to 290, but he believes middle school administrators may be using this as a “catch-all” reporting category, which could be skewing the numbers.

At the six elementaries, insubordination incidents are down from 115 to 60, fights are down from 35 to 10, and disruptions of the educational process are down from 15 to 14.

Playko said the district’s attendance goal is 93 percent. So far this year attendance at the middle schools and elementaries is 93 percent and 91 percent at the high school.


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