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Officer Tim Haley’s SWAT Challenge

It is hard to predict how a person might react in a real life hostage situation – unless of course, they are trained as a SWAT officer. That is the exact opportunity coming to the Westside Aug. 20-21 at the SWAT training facility, 2609 McKinley Ave. “This will be a day to learn about SWAT and also experience their course and hostage sho...

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Franklin Twp. finalize decision on radar recorder

After approximately two months of research and discussion, Franklin Township Police Chief Jim Timko has settled on a radar recorder kit to purchase for his department. The radar unit is the size of an oversized toolbox and can be strapped to a telephone pole, tree, or post to create reports on traffic behavior like speed, car count, and other varia...

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1950s Hilltop performer dies at 81

In the 1940s, Ted Mack’s “Original Old Gold Amateur Hour” radio broadcast was the “American Idol” of its day. Touring the country, Mack and his crew would audition young talents and invite the best to join his national tour. It was 1948 when a young man from the Hilltop, Frank Ongaro, played his accordion and won the r...

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SWAC members discuss National Night Out

On Aug. 2, the nationwide event, National Night Out, will take place on the grounds of Finland Elementary School. The mission for this celebration is to show criminals that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back against drugs, alcohol, and violence. National Night Out, which is in its 28th year, is sponsored by the National Association of To...

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WAC talks park names and National Night Out

The Westland Area Commission (WAC) approved a zoning variance for the Speedway station at the corner of Hall and Galloway roads July 20. National Illumination and Sign Corporation requested a variance to increase visibility of signage at the store.  The size of the proposed canopy sign is larger than the law allows, Zoning Chair Mike McKay sai...

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The Blockwatch Beat

Matters of code enforcement are being discussed all over the Hilltop right now, so I went straight to the source to get the answers. I recently met with Heather Truesdell, code enforcement supervisor for the  Hilltop. Jay McCallister: How many code enforcement officers are there for the city and Hilltop? Heather Truesdell: We have 40 code offi...

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Study of the casino area presented

The results of an economic development study conducted by Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation (COCIC) were presented to residents July 14. The study is a forecast of what the casino district could develop into within 10-20 years. However, for residents hoping to find specific answers, they would not find them. The meeting was the first o...

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Hilltop Kiwanis “Stuff the Bus” for children in need

Hilltopers will stuff the bus for the third time Aug. 13 at Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church, 2930 W. Broad St., from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. As the school year creeps around the corner it is almost time to shop for school supplies, and the Hilltop Kiwanis wish to help those in financial need with their third annual “Stuff the Bus” Aug. 13. D...

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Prairie Twp. concerned about scrappers

It took two days for the former Hometown Inn to become a pile of rubble once demolition began July 11, and Prairie Township is now concerned about citizens rummaging through the debris for metals and copper wiring. According to Prairie Township Administrator Tracy Hatmaker, it could take up to two weeks before the site is clear of debris. Until the...

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Stinziano to introduce Caylees Law

Parents who do not alert law enforcement authorities of a missing child within a reasonable period of time would be guilty of a felony in Ohio, under a bill to be introduced by State Rep. Michael Stinziano. The proposal would make it a felony for parents not to report the death of a child to police within an hour of discovering the incident, or wit...

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