Saturday, July 12th, 2014

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Local kids learn about firefighting

By Michelle Dupler Staff Writer Josh and Audrey Hughes experienced the challenges their dad, Jason, faces as a Franklin Township firefighter. They stepped into his steel-toed, steel-plated boots, and tried on the 65 pounds of equipment he must wear every time he is dispatched to an emergency. Josh, 10, and Audrey, 8, also got to try some of the fun...

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Franklin Township, Columbus closer to agreement on casino tax dollars

By Michelle Dupler Staff Writer Franklin Township could receive $39 million over 50 years from shared revenues from Hollywood Casino. This comes from an agreement with the city of Columbus, which Franklin Township trustees approved Sept. 26. It must be approved by Columbus City Council before finalized. The money is meant to compensate the revenue...

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Stiles Elementary School start running club

By Tara Figurski Staff Writer Stiles Elementary School teacher Dion Peachey hoped starting a school running club would help students focus in the classroom. Peachey has taught at Stiles Elementary for five years, where he noticed students struggling to concentrate. “This one student, even one-on-one, was bouncing out of his chair and all over the p...

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Retail loyalty cards could give burglars access to home

By Sandi Latimer Staff Writer Retail loyalty cards could allow criminals access to your home, according to Franklin County Deputy Sheriff Sherard Pollard. Lincoln Village residents gathered Sept. 25 at the Westland Area Library for a special presentation on safety. Pollard said never keep loyalty cards on keyrings. They could lead to  breaking and...

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GHAC members want to make nationwide list

By Sandi Latimer Staff Writer The National Civic League recognizes 10 communities each year for outstanding accomplishments, and community leaders believe the Hilltop could make the list. Jay McCallister, Greater Hilltop Area Commission (GHAC) member, visited Peoria, Ill. for the Regional Neighborhood Network Conference (RNNC) last month. McCallist...

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Students pledge to not text and drive

By Dedra Cordle Staff Writer As text messaging has become a part of our daily lives, it is second nature to pick up the phone and read a new text as soon as one comes through. Ideally, one will read this message in a safe location, such as a store or a house, but for many it is done while they are driving. Distracted driving has become a serious is...

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Photos: Westgate Arts in the Park 2013


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Local gym helps to fight human trafficking and aid orphanage

By Sean V. Lehosit Westside Editor Dozens of residents showed up to a fitness boot camp earlier this month at the Victory Fitness in the Great Western Shopping Center, but their motivations went beyond getting in shape. They helped raise money to battle human trafficking and assist an orphanage in Haiti. Seven years ago a handful of trainers though...

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Westgate Elementary School hosts 5K race for charity

By Sean V. Lehosit Westside Editor Kelly Marshall has helped plan and participate in charitable events for the 17 years she’s taught at Westgate Elementary School. Three years ago she started the Westside Feeder 5K to continue these efforts. The race consists of six laps around the school, which equals 3 miles. There is no entrance fee, but the sch...

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