Thursday, April 17th, 2014



Candidates certified for the Nov. 8 election

The Franklin County Board of Elections and the Fairfield County Board of Elections have certified that the following candidates will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot:

•Reynoldsburg mayor (one to be elected): Brad McCloud, Richard Donovan;

•Reynoldsburg City Council: President of Council: Doug Joseph; Council Ward 1: Scott Barrett, William Schuck (write-in); Council Ward 2: Leslie Kelly; Council Ward 3: Cornelius McGrady III, Bill Sampson; Council Ward 4: Mel Clemens;

•Reynoldsburg school board (two to be elected): Joe Begeny, Kevin Burtyk, Monica Debrock, Tom Drabick, Loretta King, Sandy Long;

•Pickerington mayor (one to be elected): Lee Gray;

•Pickerington City Council (three to be elected): Chris Schweitzer, Michael Sabatino, Brian Sauer;

•Pickerington school board (two to be elected): Lisa Reade, Robert Lysko, James Brink, Kenneth Kohlhofer, Vanessa Niekamp, Kelly Kenyon;

•Truro Township trustee (one to be elected): Pat Mahaffey, Michael Shirey;

•Truro Township fiscal officer (one to be elected): Natalie Nicodemus, Nancy Schroyer;

•Violet Township trustee (one to be elected): Gary Weltlich.

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